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Aditya Wardhana
Muhammad Samiadji


Microskin graft is a technique of skin defect closure using a minimum of STSG donors to cover the large defect. Some considerations were taken, which includes the general status of the patient, donor area morbidity, and patient refusal to act is one of the reasons for the use microskin graft. History STSG failure with previous defect closure and lack of donor area would to bene!t from microskin graft.
Case of boy 12 years old with extensive defects in the forearm due to burns. Consideration of the lack of donor area made us deciding to use microskin graft as main option to close the defect. We did one-week post operative evaluation. Epithelialization occurs at day 7, while complete epithelialization occurred at 14th day. Three month during follow-up control, the scar are minimal. We conclude that microskin graft is one technic that can be used in skin defect closure with minimal donor.


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Wardhana A, Samiadji M. Clinical Applications of Micro-Skin Grafting For Skin Defect Coverage. J Plast Rekons [Internet]. 1 [cited 2020Jul.14];1(1). Available from: