Focus and Scope

Jurnal Plastik Rekonstruksi® is a scientific international journal focusing on plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgery. The journal is peer-reviewed and open access, covering articles from all subdisciplines of plastic and reconstructive surgery, including burns, craniomaxillofacial, hand surgery, reconstructive microsurgery, and oncoplastic, wounds, external genital and aesthetic surgery. Basic science and experimental studies associated with plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgery also covered. All scientific article types are welcomed, including clinical case reports and studies, experimental research, ideas and innovations, viewpoints and surgical techniques.

Why you should publish in JPR?

JPR is a great media for researchers alike, health care providers, students, and surgeons from all areas of disciplines to communicate their research and study related to plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgery. The open-access feature lets private and public funding agencies to disseminate their sponsored research to a wide audience. The mission statement of JPR is to propagate the global plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgery research and knowledge as broad as possible, reaching an international audience through its open-access policies. JPR grants free access to all its articles to all readers, along with rapid review and publication of accepted articles. Moreover, the author will preserve their copyright to the materials issued.

The plastic surgery community and researchers from any part of the world, from any socioeconomic level, are welcome to submit their study to JPR. The journals will always strive to be the open platform for plastic surgery research without any social, and politic barriers. The editorial boards sincerely hoped that the journals will serve as the catalyst to spread the science of plastic surgery to the world, improve patient safety, and increase surgical outcomes. JPR follows the overall purpose of the Lingkar Studi Bedah Plastik Foundation®, the supporting organization behind the journal to teaches and sustain international plastic surgeons, to afford essential patient care, professional attitude and good ethical standards through education and research.

Benefit For Authors

JPR offers quick peer-review for article submissions, which the editorial team targets the review and manuscript acceptance be done in two weeks. All authors will preserve their copyright to their content published in JPR Journal, the contents may be re-used and re-published with proper citations, without needing to obtain permission statements from the journals as mentioned in Open Access Policies. The authors will use the user-friendly manuscript submission system using the newest version of OJS 3.2 software. All manuscripts will be reviewed by expert peer-reviewer on their field, therefore the quality of the articles will be maintained. All articles will be available for free to all readers in the world as long as they have internet access, additionally, the journal will always strive to be indexed in prestigious journal databases like SCOPUS, PUBMED. JPR also the perfect platform for plastic surgery research funded by public funding agencies that require publication in an open-access journal.